Monday, July 25, 2016

Eye-Catching BreckenRidge Park Apartment Interior

Living room design is characterized by high vaulted ceilings painted in white embedded with jewel lamps, while the partitioned walls have a light brown paint on the upper portion, while the lower side of the wall are embossed with geometric rectangular carvings and painted in dazzling white, in the eye-catching BreckenRidge Park Apartment Interior Design

The large main door is glass framed in wood and has the same white paint as the lower wall. Furniture and fixtures are modern cosmopolitan, while one side of the upper light brown wall is adorned with framed paintings.

The interior of the clubhouse function room shows a basic same color pattern as in all living rooms, with an elegant light brown and white color combination of the ceilings, walls and floor, dashed with brown-black tables and wood chairs, light brown tiles and carpeting, embedded with cosmopolitan designed white sofas with black wood linings.

A flat screen TV and a fireplace adorn the clubhouse with maple cabinets and walls embedded with prominent shelves adorned with attractive glass and metal art decors of the BreckenRidge Park Apartment Interior Design. Otherwise, portable metal shelves are placed in the corner and used as extra storage space.

The kitchen’s granite tops is also used as a bar lined with two bar chairs, while its lower ceiling design compared to the living room allows for a cozy ambiance. Large brown walnut cabinets display prominently opposite the stainless black appliances.

At the dining area, the stylish dark satin brown wood dining table and chairs can sit six people on a pale pink tiled floor with beige walls occasionally adorned by protruding shelves and art d├ęcor paintings. At the other end may be seen a large dark maple brown wood cabinet for the safekeeping of dining utensils, sometimes adorned with ceramic art decors.

The white walls and ceiling of the large bathroom includes a toilet, a bathtub, shower and a dressing room divided by a quarter wall on gray tiles with small rugs of the BreckenRidge Park Apartment Interior Design.

The spacious bedroom is uncluttered and made livable by a light brown-beige wall and ceiling with a large wooden bed on a pale pink carpeted floor. Large glass-framed windows with blind and curtain adorn one side of the room. Two side cabinets with table lamps are placed on the sides of the bed. On the wall by the head side of the bed are adorned framed abstract paintings inside a larger black wooden frame embedded on the wall.

In the offices, brown wood tables with white table tops are attached to the wall in a continuous fashion. Framed transparent glass doors are used, and cabinets are all in dark brown wood fashion. Swivel chairs, PCs and printers adorn the offices.

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